There are several possible causes for alerts not coming your way, and this is most often due to misconfiguration.

Are new picked matches being added to your strategy history?

If Yes, please check:

  • Your strategy has alerts enabled (You haven't muted it)
  • You have alerts enabled here
  • Your Telegram account is properly connected here
  • You have not blocked, muted, or kicked our Bot in Telegram
  • You have not flagged our email as spam

If No, please check:

  • Your strategy is enabled
  • Your league filter allows enough leagues
  • Your strategy rules are valid (some configurations are impossible, e.g simultaneously requiring Total Goals = 0 and Total Goals = 1)
  • Your strategy rules are not too specific in a way that very few matches would meet the criteria (e.g. requiring an exact odds value of 1.65 at exactly 45', matches that are slightly off would be skipped. Try setting a range of acceptable values instead)

If the problem persists please get in touch with us directly and let us know the strategy that you're having issues with so we can help you review it for any possible issues.